Hello I'm Bernard Kelly, Director of the Retirement Lifestyle Academy.  Students typically enroll before they retire, and then remain for lifelong learning. 


Alternatively, they discover they are "too young to retire" and seek the solutions that we offer  to avoid a boring retirement. 

I've been a serial entrepreneur for decades, and in 2000 - when my (then) principal venture began to suffer from a change in government policy - my
wife said "I don't mind what you do next, provided it's something tangible for our retirement."

Now I had always been attracted to real estate (my maternal grandfather had five investment properties when he died) so naturally, with encouragement from my family, I then established a real estate practice and became a realtor.  Our focus was helping couples in late career buy residential investment properties, to supplement whatever retirement savings they already had.
Essentially, I had them follow the successful path that I was travelling myself.


"Profitable Hobbies" emerge

And if, for whatever reason, clients were unable to proceed, my parting (financial) suggestion to them was to take whatever hobby they had, and convert it into a "profitable hobby".   

This consultancy - RETIRE LAUGHING REAL ESTATE - was quite successful until quite recently, when that market eventually evaporated (essentially low interest rates eliminated the attractions of negative gearing).

"Retirement Lifestyle Academy" emerges

Then I had a thought-bubble moment when a friend said "you know so much about achieving a financially secure, comfortable and successful retirement, why don't you share your knowledge?"  Retirement Lifestyle Academy was crystallized at that moment.

The Academy maintains my zest for living (I'm now in my early 70s) and the lecture series flows from the curiosity that had me explore not only the amount of financial resources required for the next 20-25 years, but also other aspects of "retirement" - whatever that term means to you today.  But of course no-one ever actually "retires" any more.

Students benefit from the wisdom that I have gained as a pioneer, peering forward into 20-25 years of the future mists of retirement.   With a clear pathway forward, you'll avoid all that stress and uncertainties so common among your peers.

If you are too young to retire, and are looking to up the voltage and avoid a boring retirement - Welcome.

You will achieve Total Transformation.

Yes - I am curious.  Please contact me - I want to know how to avoid a boring retirement.

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